Big Scale Flour Laboratory Mill

Function and use Introduction

As a rule, flour mill plant will need to know about flour extraction rate and bran content of wheat. So wheat laboratory milling becomes neccesary analysis method.

By wheat laboratory milling, we will be able to get suitable flour extracton rate and bran content. It will provide us important commerical value data on flour production and investment.

Test wheat sample: common wheat or hard wheat for normal flour or semolina flour.

Laboratory Milling Technology

Milling Technology and Operation
Big scale laboratory flour mill will be able to get much precise data comparing with small lab mill. It has higher processing capacity and complete technology.

Milling Techology for normal wheat: 1B(tooth roller),2B(tooth roller),3B(tooth roller),1M(smooth roller),2M(smooth roller),3M(smooth roller).

Hard wheat(Semolina flour) milling technology: Both B milling and M milling are tooth roller.

Main Technical parameter

Max capacity: 10kg/hour

Roller(D*L): 155*200mm

Rotary speed: 298r/min

Rotary diameter: 17~23mm

Fast roller speed: 500r/min

Air volume/Wind pressure: 669m3/2710pa

Tooth roller rate: 2.5:1

Smooth roller rate: 1.5:1

Outside sie: 1330*1100*1870mm

Power: 1.5+1.5+0.55kw

Weight: About 700kg


Overview of Flour laboratory Mill

Right Front View

Material input system: Quantitative feed. It will ensure the uniform input of material wheat.

Left Front View

Pneumatic transportation system: Adopted wind power to ensure pneumatic transportation, it will not make blocking materials or out material..

Side View

Transmission system: Milling system and sifting system will be separated by different power transmission system.

Whole View

Sifting system: It will sift and classify all kinds of grinded material. It will separate out 1B flour, 2B flour, 3B flour, 1M flour, 2M flour, 3M flour, big bran and small bran.

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Idle Test In Workshop

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